Doctor of Medicine – Surgery of the University of Naples Federico ‖ Italy
Holistic Pathologist – Homeopath – Acupuncturist
Professor of Otoacupuncture G.S.A.T.N. in Italy
Professor G.S.A.T.N. GREECE-ITALY (Member of FISA – Member of ICMART)
Elected member of the G.S.A.T.N. GREECE
Member of the Medical Association of Athens
Member of the Hellenic Medical Acupuncture Society
Former chairwomen of the scientific committee of the Hellenic Medical Acupuncture Society
Chairwomen of the scientific committee for the organization of the world conference MeCAN (World Mediterranian Congress on Auriculare neuromodulation)

Achilleos 7-9, Paleo Faliro Attica

Tel. 2107517837

Mob. 6937 066638


General Practitioner – Holistic Physical Medicine
He attended courses in pathology at the NIMTS and Cytology at the General University Hospital. He has completed seminars in France and Germany on Phytotherapy and has been trained in Italy in Oxygen therapy and Mesotherapy.
In 2000 he starts his Clinic and at the same time teaches to doctors, pharmacists and herbalists courses of Phytotherapy, Gemotherapy, Iridology in Greece and Italy.
He has written hundreds of announcements and articles in specialized magazines in Greece and abroad and in 2004 he wrote a scientific textbook “Detecting the healing power of Gemotherapy” published by Kyveli.


Venizelou Eleftheriou 112, Nea Smyrni, 17122, ATTICA

Tel. 2109338577



Family Doctor – Homeopath
Graduate of the Medical School of Ioannina. Then she acquired the specialty of General Medicine with training at the General Hospital of Athens, LAIKO and at the Markopoulos Health Center. She was trained in Homeopathic Medicine, attending the two-year courses of the Hellenic Society of Homeopathic Medicine from 2002 to 2004.
As a General Practitioner she collaborated with the Athenian Clinic of Athens and the Central Clinic of Athens from 2006 to 2007. After that, she was appointed Curator of General Medicine at the Aliartos Health Center of Viotia until 2009, when she was classified in the Coast Guard as a General Practitioner. rank of Lieutenant Master.
Finally, she is a scientific collaborator at the Homeopathic Clinic of Headache at the General Hospital of Athens “G. GENNIMATAS “.
Holds the certificate of adequacy of emergency pre-hospital medicine of EKAB as well as the ATLS (advanced trauma life support for doctors).
She has taken part in the mental health promotion program “educator training” and in the educational program: “training in the acquisition of psychosocial skills” at the University General Hospital of Athens Aeginiteio.


Vassos Katraki Square 6, Glyfada 16675

Tel. 2108982659