Natural Vitamins

New Generation Orthomolecular Formulations

Natural Vitamins products are orthomolecular formulas of vitamins, minerals, herbs and extracts made in technologically advanced factories in the United States and Europe, approved by the FDA. We use the purest and most natural materials for maximum absorption. They are therefore 100% natural, pure, without harmful additives, in the right dosages and ideal combinations for maximum efficiency and bioavailability.

Orthomolecular is a term derived from ‘ortho’, which is a Greek word meaning ‘correct’, and ‘molecule’, which is the simplest structure that presents the characteristics of a compound. So it literally means the ‘right molecule’.

The two-time Nobel award winner and molecular biologist Linus Pauling first used the term ‘Orthomolecular’ in an 1968 article in the journal Science.  

Orthomolecular medicine is characterized by the practice of prevention and treatment of diseases, providing the body with the right amounts of pure substances that are natural to the body and not chemical and with side effects.  

Try for yourself the purest and at the same time effective supplements in the world. Try for yourself the new generation orthomolecular supplements of Natural Vitamins.  

By way of conclusion, all Natural Vitamins products have a notification number from the EOF. (National Medicines Agency).

Contact Phone Number: 210 9650594